Application form for Map Maker Pro 3.5 for non-profit organizations in Africa
1. What is your name:

2. What is the name of your organization, school, university course etc?:
(Note that to qualify your organization must be an African organization not an international origanization working in Africa)

3. Is the licence for you as an individual or for your organization?
For an organization

4. Have you already used "Map Maker Gratis"? If so why do you believe that you need a licence for Map Maker Pro?

5. What is the nature of your project and how do you think Map Maker Pro will help you with it?

6. What is your postal address? We will send your licence details by post to this address. The address must be in Africa.

Unfortunately, at this moment, Map Maker software and manuals are available only in English. If you feel that you are not able to fill in this form in English then the program will probably not be of use to you.