Map Library

Data sources


The entire dataset has been reviewed and updated to reflect the boundaries as per Jan 2007.

The boundary status and administrative names have been verified against various sources of information.

The information given by: and and 'SALB' proved to be most reliable. All often had links to governmental web-sites or other reliable references to verify it against.

The actual polygon set has become an amalgamation of other datasets available in the public domain.

Great care has been taken in 'edge matching' each polygon and we believe therefore the 'topology' is as good as one can get it.

Where two different sources for the polygon set were available, or where a different polygon set of two neighbouring nations were used, in this amalgamation process the most detailed line work was used.

The following web sites were used to amalgamate and update the polygon set: (FEW-NET, Africa Data Dissemination Service) (Mexico only) (South Africa only)

All countries have been updated to at least ADM2 level or to a next level where reliable information was found.

Where in the old dataset more divisions were present, the polygon boundaries and names were left in place.

All updated names in the database are in Upper & Lower case.

In general, one can assume that any names in the database solely in capitals reflect old unverified or possibly obsolete administrative division information (i.e. boundary & names).

The satellite imagery is from the “Blue Marble” image created by the NASA Goddard Space Labs.